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Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM)
Level 6 Schulz Building
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia

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CASM CD Showcase

CASM produced its first compilation CD in 2000 which provides students with the opportunity to take home to their communities and families recordings of their own music on CD.

CD recordings are an ideal way for students to promote their work. CASM uses the latest digital recording and editing technology to highlight the outstanding skills and talents of CASM musicians and bands.

The bands cover a wide range of styles and musical backgrounds, reflecting some of the diversity of music among Australian Indigenous communities.

Many students come to CASM as recognised musicians in their own right. At CASM they have the opportunity to exchange musical ideas with other musicians and to explore and evolve new forms of contemporary Indigenous musical expression. These activities contribute to cultural renewal and innovation through a combination of workshops, teaching, public performances, recording and cultural documentation. This means that CASM graduates acquire the skills and knowledge needed for cultural and educational work in the communities, thereby meeting one of CASM's key objectives. CASM plans to release a new Showcase CD each year.