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How to Apply

This page outlines the process for applying for the Bachelor of Music.

Please note that there are separate processes for applying for our Honours and  Postgraduate programs.

  • Stage 1Applying for an audition/interview

    This is the process of applying to audition/interview for your instrument/area of study (e.g. Classical Piano, Jazz Voice, Sonic Arts).

    Application for audition/interview form

    All applicants must submit an application for audition/interview directly to the Conservatorium - applicants who fail to do so will not be considered for any program. There is no fee for applying for an audition/interview. To submit your application, please complete the online form.

    Audition round and application closing dates

    The Elder Conservatorium will hold TWO rounds of auditions for 2017 entry: 26 – 30 September (applications close 9 September) and 28 November – 2 December (applications close 11 November)

    Please note that SATAC applications have different cut-off dates- please check their website for more information.

    Receipt of all audition/interview applications will be acknowledged via email.

  • Stage 2Applying for admission

    It is during the admission process that your academic background is assessed to ensure that you meet the specific academic threshold for your program of choice (e.g. minimum ATAR for school leavers; STAT for mature-age applicants).

    For music programs, the audition score is the primary factor considered; however, there are other criteria that must be met in order to be eligible (e.g. SACE Stage 2 or equivalent for the Bachelor of Music).

    All applicants must apply for Admission to the program/s for which they wish to be considered. Applicants who fail to do so will NOT be able to be made an offer to any program, even if they have successfully auditioned.

    The process you'll need to follow depends on your citizenship status (Domestic or International) and your current study circumstances (whether or not you are currently studying at the University of Adelaide).

    Domestic applicants include Australian citizens, dual Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand citizens studying in Australia.

    • If you are a NEW STUDENT, you will need to apply through SATAC. Visit their website for information about applying, fees and closing dates. 
    • If you are a CURRENT STUDENT at the University of Adelaide, you will need to apply for an Internal Transfer. This includes students currently studying another program at the University of Adelaide.
    • If you have previously started a program at the Conservatorium but did not complete it, you may not need to apply for admission. Please contact the Conservatorium for advice

    An international applicant must be eligible for an Australian student visa, may be liable for international tuition fees and applies directly to the University of Adelaide.

    All new international applicants must apply for admission through the International Student website.

    All current international applicants wishing to transfer programs must apply through the International Student website.

  • Stage 3Attending your audition/interview

    Live auditions

    All domestic applicants and international students currently living in Adelaide must attend a live audition/interview. The Conservatorium aims to notify applicants of their audition/interview time at least one week prior to the date.

    Recorded CD/DVD auditions

    Overseas and interstate applicants may audition for instrumental areas by submitting a high quality video recording via CD or DVD in lieu of a live audition. CD/DVD auditions are considered during the audition period using the same standards and criteria that apply to live auditions.

    The CD or DVD must be received at the Conservatorium by the beginning of the respective audition round. A letter of verification from a music teacher or suitably qualified person is required to certify that the recording contains only the applicant’s own work. This must be enclosed with the audition material.

    Musicianship test

    The musicianship test is an integral part of the audition/interview process and contributes to the Conservatorium’s selection process.

    In 2016 the Musicianship Test will be online. Applicants will received further information after submitting an application for audition.

    For more detailed information please visit our Auditions/Interviews page.
  • Stage 4After the audition/interview

    All applicants will be sent an email to inform them of the outcome of their audition/interview within two weeks of the audition round. Please note that this advice is NOT AN OFFER OF ADMISSION. Formal offers are only made by SATAC or the University admissions office during their annual offer rounds.

    Audition scores are not provided. However, applicants are given an indication of their eligibility for consideration following their audition/s. This information is based on audition results only and does not take into account other admission criteria (ATAR, Musicianship Test etc.).

    This advice is provided to applicants to allow them to adjust their application for admission (e.g. SATAC preferences) to reflect the major/s that they are eligible for based on their audition.

  • Stage 5Selection and offers

    A Selection Committee meets after auditions to assess all applications. Selection for all programs is made on the basis of academic achievement, audition/interview scores and aural/theory test scores and is subject to quotas.

    An offer will be made to the program of highest preference for which an applicant is eligible.

    If you receive and accept an offer to a program at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, you will receive information from the University and the Conservatorium about enrolment and orientation.

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