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Tom Hajdu, Director of the Sia Furler Institute

Professor Tom Hajdu is Director of the Sia Furler Institute. Professor Hajdu also holds the Chair of Creative Technologies at the University of Adelaide and is Adjunct Professor at the Adelaide Business School.

Tom received his undergraduate degree from University of British Columbia where he studied music composition with William Benjamin: at the same time, he studied computer music at Simon Fraser University with Barry Truax. Professor Hajdu's PhD and MFA degrees are from Princeton University where he studied with JK Randall and Paul Lansky. He also received a Presidential MBA from Pepperdine University under Wayne Strom who created the leadership program.

Professor Hajdu's career intersects creativity, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Professor Hajdu co-founded tomandandy, in 1990, where he and his cofounder helped reshape the role of music in film, television and advertising industries by introducing a new process that lowered music production costs to a fraction of previous levels while improving creative quality. He has collaborated with William Burroughs, Oliver Stone, U2 and Lou Reed, and he has worked with top brands such as Microsoft and Ford, as well as in film and TV and best of breed advertising agencies worldwide.

Tom is also CEO of Disrupter, his US-based strategic innovation company. Over several years, this company has developed a way to create deeper and more creative strategic technologies. Disrupter recently launched two companies: Umbilical, a software development company, and uNET, a new network system. Disrupter patents range from artificial intelligence to level zero networking.

Professor Hajdu sits on award juries and has spoken, chaired or given keynote speeches at the original TED Conference, CalTech/MIT Forum, Columbia University, DisruptSydney, Pepperdine University's first Disruption Conference, Big Sound, and Entrepreneur Week, as well as several universities worldwide about strategic innovation. He is a member of the University of Sydney’s  Digital Disruption Research Group. Professor Hajdu was featured in the 2016 book "Scored to Death - Conversations with Some of Horror's Greatest Composers" by J Blake Fichera, published by Silman-James Press.

In his first 18 months as an Australian resident, Professor Hajdu conceived and led a key initiative that was adopted by the South Australian Government, which saw Adelaide become Australia’s first gigabit city. In 2016, he accompanied the South Australia Minister of Innovation Hon Kyam Maher to the White House to celebrate Adelaide becoming the first gig city outside the US to join the US Ignite Smart Gigcity Community. In 2017, the South Australian Government appointed Tom to the role of Chief Innovator of South Australia, responsible for innovation strategy for the South Australian economy.

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