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The Elder Conservatorium of Music:
Excellence, Innovation, Tradition, Community

Our Vision  |  Our Mission  |  Our Values  |  Our Graduates

Our Vision

The Elder Conservatorium of Music strives for musical mastery and artistic excellence; we embrace the creative and educational potential of innovation; we honour the traditions that have guided us through over a century of music-making and development; and we respect and value the varied stakeholder communities for whom we exist.


The Elder Conservatorium is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in its teaching, its music-making, its creative endeavours, its research and scholarly pursuits, and its administrative processes. Excellence is the underlying motivation that drives everything we do.


In teaching, research, community engagement and day-to-day management, the Elder Conservatorium constantly strives for better and more effective ways to achieve its goals. From technique to technology, from ensembles to e-Learning, innovation is about how we embrace the future.


As Australia's oldest tertiary music school, the Elder Conservatorium of Music embraces the challenges of the future with a confidence built on over 125 years of artistic, educational and creative achievements and traditions. Our foundations are deep and strong.


The Elder Conservatorium embraces its community through the collegiality of staff, the nurturing of students, the dynamic synergy inherent in stakeholder and partner relationships, and the presentation of high-quality performances as one of South Australia's major Music organisations.

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Our Mission

The Elder Conservatorium of Music is an inspiring community of musicians passionately dedicated to musical mastery, artistry, enlightened pedagogy, scholarship and professionalism within both a local and global context.
Guided by international standards, the mission of the Elder Conservatorium of Music is to champion the pursuit and achievement of excellence and creativity by:

  • Providing inspiring and challenging educational experiences with a supportive and nurturing learning environment
  • Fostering personal and artistic integrity
  • Building cultural competence, inclusivity and respect for difference
  • Developing self-discipline and motivation
  • Encouraging team work, collegiality and collaboration Developing an exemplary work ethic in preparation for life-long learning
  • Cultivating meaningful engagement with our communities - both local and global
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Our Values

In pursuing its mission, the Elder Conservatorium of Music values:

  • Personal and institutional integrity and accountability
  • Intellectual curiosity and engagement with new ideas
  • Generating and sharing knowledge
  • Self-discipline and creativity
  • Social and ethical responsibility
  • Tradition
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Our Graduates

Elder Conservatorium graduates are passionate about music; they are motivated, creative, skilled, knowledgeable, inquisitive, responsive and questioning; they value the individual’s quest for a personal best that is informed by international standards; they manifest a clear understanding of the value of personal achievement but also relish the fulfilment and collegiality of shared achievement through making music in an ensemble or in working as part of a team; they aspire to excellence; and they value their time at the Elder Conservatorium as a vital part of life-long learning and personal growth.

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