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The CASM Foundation Year responds to the needs and aspirations of Australian Indigenous students.

The CASM Foundation Year is an inspiring and engaging program for Indigenous Australians wanting to study at university. Upon completion, students are encouraged and supported to pursue further studies at the University through degree programs such as the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Media, and Bachelor of Arts.

CASM entry auditions are now open!

Studying in Adelaide

Adelaide is a recognised international hub for Australian Indigenous music that supports many global music-industry careers.

CASM prepares graduates to pursue professional careers as live performers, recording artists, composers, arrangers, educators, researchers, sound engineers, producers, arts administrators, and more. Students learn about the music industry and how music initiatives can be applied across a range of community heritage and development needs.

CASM graduates have gone on to study and work in fields as diverse as music, teacher training, education, sound engineering, psychology, community development, youth work, arts policy and management, health, linguistics, theatre, media, broadcasting, visual arts, and dance.

Student support

The CASM Foundation Year is a unique program of study that is available to students from anywhere in Australia and ABSTUDY approved. Studies at CASM may be taken part-time. However, ABSTUDY support requires a 0.75 full-time equivalent study load. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can obtain support through Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education, as well as the University’s wider support services.

Academic support is provided through the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS), which offers free tutoring for Indigenous students. Wirltu Yarlu also provides student support in areas such as ABSTUDY, housing, course advice, financial assistance, facilities, learning support, mentoring, scholarships, and cadetships.

Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM)

Level 6, Schulz Building

Phone: 08 8313 5795