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Critical and Academic Dates

All students are expected to familiarise themselves with the Critical and Academic dates.

The Academic Year Dates outline the beginning and end of each study period, the mid-semester and midyear breaks, and the exam periods.

The Critical Dates are extremely important, particularly with regards to withdrawing from courses. Please ensure you understand the significance of each Critical Date.

Last day to add courses online

This is the last day that you can add courses online via Access Adelaide. After this date, you will need to fill out a Course Add - Late form, which needs to be signed by the Course Coordinator.

Census date

This is the last day to have a course completely removed from your record. If you drop a course after the Census date, you will still be liable for the tuition fees or HECS debt. You will also have a grade recorded on your academic transcript, which may affect your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Last day to Withdraw Not Fail (WNF)

If you withdraw prior to this date but after the Census Date, you will still be liable for tuition fees (or HECS accumulation), however you will receive a Withdrawal Not Fail grade, which does not have a negative impact on your GPA.

Last day to Withdraw Fail (WF)

If you withdraw prior to this date, you will receive a Withdrawal Fail grade. A WF grade assigns a value of 0 towards your GPA. It is better for your GPA to attempt to pass a course than WF or Fail due to no submission.

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