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Student obligations

The University has a number of policies regarding examinations that apply to students. It is important that you are familiar with your obligations as a student so as to avoid any possible issues come exam time. In particular you should note the following points:

  • It is the responsibility of each individual student to be available during the Examination Periods listed in the Academic Year Dates each year.
  • Students are not entitled to sit an examination at another time, nor to resit an examination, nor to any other concession, when:
    • an examination conflicts with another commitment, or
    • you fail to attend an examination through misreading the timetable or accepting incorrect information on the timetable from another person

To view the exam policies in full, please see the University's Examinations page.

Elder Conservatorium examinations

The majority of exams for music courses are scheduled internally by the Conservatorium.

All performance exams are schedule internally. The exam schedule is normally made available approximately 5 weeks before the relevant exam period. You should notify us as soon as you are aware of any clash with another examination.

The scheduling of performance exams is a complex undertaking influenced by factors such as venue availability, staff availability and other examinations. As such, the Conservatorium is not able to take individual requests for dates/times into consideration when scheduling exams. It is therefore advisable that you inform your accompanist and/or associate artists of the exam period dates and of your exam/recital times as soon as you are aware of it and ask that they make themselves available for your time.

If you are unable to attend an exam due to unforeseen circumstances you may be eligible for a Replacement/Additional Examination (formerly called Supplementary Examination). For further details and application forms please see the University's Examinations page.

Exam reports

Copies of classical and jazz performance exam and teacher assessment reports are made available for collection from the Conservatorium office approximately one week after the Examination Board has met and ratified all results. Student will be advised via email of this date and any applicable timeframe for collection. Students must present photo ID when requesting their reports.

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