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Electronic Music Unit - Elder Conservatorium of Music

The University of Adelaide Australia


EMU has a range of specialised facilities for the purposes of teaching, training and research in the area of music technology. Students and EMU users are provided with 24/7 access via swipe cards. Below you will find an overview of these facilities. 


Studio 1

This is the primary recording studio. It contains an integrated Digidesign ProTools digital audio recording, mixing and production system with stereo Genelec monitoring.

Studio 1 control room

Studio 2

This is the secondary recording studio. It contains an integrated Digidesign ProTools digital audio recording, control and monitoring system. This studio is typically used for post-production and small session recording.

Studio 5

This is the primary interactive studio. It contains a number of MIDI control, performance and synthesis devices. This studio is also equiped with a 5.1 surround speaker system.

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EMU Space

The EMU space is a versatile area that allows users to record large groups of musicians and can also be used as a presentation and performance space.

Dead Room

The dead room is small recording booth that is mainly used vocal or isolated instrument recordings.

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Audio Lab

This computer laboratory is used for a majority of sound and electronic music production purposes. It contains 15 workstations each with a computer, keyboard, MIDI control surface, sound card and mixer. A range of sound production and design, audio editing and processing, and computer music programming packages are available on each system including Cycling'74 Max, Digidesign ProTools, Apple Logic, Ableton Live and Propellerheads' Reason.

EMU Audio Lab

Keyboard Lab

The keyboard lab contains 25 electronic pianos and is used for purposes of keyboard tuition and theory.

Media Lab

The Media Lab is laboratory used by the School of Humanities' Media program for their practical programs. It contains 15 workstations each with a computer and range of video, multimedia and web packages.

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Store Room

The store room houses equipment used for recording and music making. This include microphones, headphones, leads, power cords and supplies.


EMU has a kitchen that allows various amenities for refreshments.