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Audition / Interview Application Form

Applications for 2017 semester 1 entry are now closed.

This application form is to be used for applying for an audition for the Bachelor of Music only. Our Honours or Postgraduate programs have separate application forms.

Please note: Internet Explorer users may encounter issues when completing this form. It is recommended applicants use an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

 Audition / Interview Application Form
* Indicates Required Information

  • Section APersonal Details
    • School applicants are advised against using a school email address to ensure uninterrupted communication after the end of the school year.
    • Hotmail users are advised to either use an alternative email account (e.g. Gmail) or ensure spam settings do not filter University of Adelaide email addresses.

  • Section BChoose Your Audition/Interview Area

    Classical Instrumental Area

    Brass Strings Woodwind
    Keyboard Percussion  

    Classical Vocal Area

    Jazz Area

    Sonic Arts Area

    Composition Area

    Popular Music & Creative Technologies

    Musicology Area

    An interview is not normally required for Musicology.

  • Section CYour Preferences

    The Bachelor of Music offers eight majors. Please number these majors in the order of your preference below. Do not number any majors for which you are not making an application - leave them blank.*

  • Section DAdditional Information

    You may submit copies of documents (e.g. a resume, relevant certificates) to the panel at the time of your audition/interview.

  • Section EStudy Intentions

    • Domestic applicants must apply for admission through SATAC
    • Late fees apply to applications made after the last business day in September
    • International applicants must apply for entry through the International Office and submit a CD/DVD audition by the beginning of the late round

    • Applicants do not need to apply for admission through SATAC or Internal Transfer.

  • Section FDeclaration

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