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Bachelor of Media with a major in Popular Music

Auditions for the Bachelor of Media with a major in Popular Music will be held on Wednesday 6 February 2019.

Audition Requirements

Interview duration = 15 minutes

Applicants will be asked to provide a recording of a minimum of three of their own songs/compositions which demonstrate their creativity, their technical and musical proficiency on an instrument/voice, and their potential for further development. In some instances, where an applicant is unable to provide recordings, songs/compositions may be performed live during the interview. Where recordings are provided, applicants may be asked to further demonstrate their technical and musical proficiency on an instrument/voice, as determined by the panel. Applicants will be advised of this additional requirement at the time of the interview and should be prepared to perform if deemed necessary.

What is the panel looking for? Within a contemporary rock/pop style, creative potential in songwriting/composition is sought, supported by well-developed practical skills on an instrument or voice, and/or proficiency with technology and production.

Additional Items to bring: applicants should bring copies of their CV/portfolio together with recordings and/or written scores that demonstrate their songwriting/compositional ability.

Recorded submissions
Applicants should submit a recording of three original works composed in a pop/rock style which demonstrate their creativity, technical and musical proficiency on an instrument/voice and potential for further development. Applicants should also submit a CV of relevant experience in the pop/rock style.

Applicants will also be required to sit the online Musicianship test

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