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Bachelor of Media with a major in Sonic Arts

Auditions for the Bachelor of Media with a major in Sonic Arts will be held on Wednesday 6 February 2019.

Interview: Applicants will be interviewed in groups (interview duration = 15 minutes)

Short Questionnaire: Applicants will complete a short questionnaire as part of the interview process.

What is the  panel looking for? A range of skills in the area of music, music technology, arts, maths, science or related areas and general information technology proficiency.

Additional Items to bring: applicants should bring a CV to the interview. A CD demonstrating the widest variety of the applicant’s abilities and activities should be left with the panel at the interview.

Recorded submissions
Applicants must submit a collection of works that includes original compositions and/or recorded or produced songs and/or instrumental performance. The folio should demonstrate musicianship and technical ability in music technology. Applicants should submit a CV with their recording.

Applicants will also be required to sit the online Musicianship test

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