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Music Theory Bridging Course

The Music Theory Bridging Course is designed for students commencing tertiary studies in music who have not studied Stage 2 Musicianship or AMEB Grade 5 Theory or Musicianship. The course aims to fast-track essential music theory topics in a functional and musical way. It offers participants the opportunity to improve their fluency in musical literacy through singing, aural work, score-reading, analysis and composition thereby consolidating the various theoretical topics covered, namely:

  • Major and minor keys, scales, circle of 5ths and key relationships
  • Intervals, triads and chords, 7th chords, chord symbols
  • Chord functions in Major and Minor keys
  • Triad/chord inversions
  • Harmonic progression including cadences, chord voicing and voice leading principles
  • Non-harmonic notes, musical analysis

The course runs 9:30am-2:30pm each day, Monday 11 to Friday 15 February 2019.  A course booklet will be provided upon commencement in the program and students will have the use of the practice facilities within the Conservatorium during normal business hours. Additional resources recommended to students include the AMEB publication ‘Music Craft' Grade 3 and the music software Musition and Auralia.

Students wishing to apply for the Music Theory Bridging Course should complete this application form and return to, or via mail to Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide SA 5005.

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