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Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with a Bachelor of Music

Auditions for the Bachelor of Teaching (secondary) with a Bachelor of Music will be held on Tuesday 27 November 2018.

Audition Requirements

  • A short demonstration of the student’s practical skills on their instrument or voice. This will involve playing or singing a minimum of two contrasting pieces or songs.
  • A demonstration of the student’s ability to read music. This may take the form of (a) a prepared reading exercise where the student is given a short musical excerpt and then given 15 minutes before the audition to prepare or (b) some other music reading task that gives the student an opportunity to demonstrate their music reading skills
  • A short interview to allow the students to talk about their musical background

The principal aim of the audition is to ascertain the applicant’s level of music literacy and practical musical skills. The audition will indicate whether or not the student has the musical background to successfully complete the minors required courses.

Applicants will also need to sit the online musicianship test (to be held in the week Monday 3 -Friday 7 December 2018). Details will be provided upon successful audition.

To register for an audition

Fill out the Bachelor of Music registration form at and under Section C, select Bachelor of Teaching.

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