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Musicianship Test

All undergraduate applicants undertaking an audition/interview must sit the musicianship test. The test is conducted online and will be open for 2 weeks from mid- December. Successful applicants will be sent an email with log on and other details/instructions as soon as the test is ready to go.

The test aims to assess the applicant's general level of musicianship, which involves the ability to identify and recognise musical concepts within aural, written and theoretical contexts. The test comprises:

  • Aural questions covering rhythm, tonality, melody and harmony
  • Score interpretation questions about a given short piano extract
  • Theoretical questions such as keys, major and minor scales, intervals and chords.

In addition to undertaking the test, applicants are asked to provide details of their theoretical background and copies of any recent certificates. The test is similar in content to the SACE Stage 2 Musicianship exam (Theory, Aural Recognition, and Musical Techniques section). Past SACE Musicianship exam papers are available from the SACE website.

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