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Bachelor of Music - Sonic Arts

Technology is an integral part of today's musical world. The creation and distribution of music have been transformed by digital technology.

The arts, entertainment, creative and media industries are huge global enterprises in which music and sound play vital roles. The Sonic Arts specialisation provides the knowledge and skills needed for careers in this diverse and ever-growing field.

Sonic Arts incorporates all of the applications of contemporary technology to sound and music. Students are given an in-depth understanding of the principles underlying the use of technology, from both theoretical and practical perspectives. After completing a foundation course in music technology, students are offered a wide variety of courses dealing with computer music composition, interactivity, sound design, computer game audio, film sound, instrument building, software design, and sound engineering. Group performance projects and individual research projects are an integral part of the program.

The many careers pathways open to Sonic Arts graduates include live electronic musician, composer, sound designer for film and video games, broadcaster, instrument designer, sound engineer, producer, sound artist, and music software developer.

Founded in 1962, the Electronic Music Unit (EMU) is the oldest established electronic music studio in Australia. It provides 24/7 access to specialized facilities that include production studios, recording rooms, digital audio laboratories, and student amenities.

Being at the Elder Conservatorium and the University of Adelaide means students are part of the largest community of technological, jazz, classical and commercial musicians in South Australia. International visiting artists add depth to the program, and students also have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of electives offered at the University. After completing a 3-year degree, students have the opportunity to continue study at Honours, Master's and PhD levels.

Audition/Interview Requirements

Stephen Whittington
Head, Sonic Arts

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