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International Students: How to Apply

If you would like to use an agent to help with your application:
Find a representative in your area: Agents and representatives of the University of Adelaide can assist with the preparation and submission of your application to study as well as your student visa application.

If you are NOT using an agent to help you apply:
Applications for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework programs are made online.

Steps for applying are found on the International Students webpage.

Auditioning for a Music Program

There are additional requirements for all music applicants. These differ depending on which program or specialisation you are applying for. Applicants can submit these additional materials either via mail or electronically.

If you are mailing audition materials (for example, DVDs), they should be sent to the University of Adelaide International Office as soon as you make your online admission application. Applicants may instead upload audition materials (for example, performance videos or composition scores) to Dropbox. The link to the Dropbox files should be emailed to as soon as the online admission application is made.

Offshore auditions
for international applicants

Audition Requirements - Undergraduate Programs

Music Performance - Classical / Jazz (including Music Education and Pedagogy)

Applicants must submit a recorded audition (via Dropbox or posted DVD). The recording should demonstrate the applicant playing/singing three pieces of different musical styles and/or by different composers. It should be 10-15 minutes in duration. The audition will be assessed for musical achievement and potential for study.

The recording must be clearly labelled with the applicant's name and instrumental specialisation. A letter of verification (preferably from a teacher) should also be enclosed stating that the recording is a true representation of the applicant's performance. Applicants are also requested to supply a list of pieces studied over the past two years.

Music Composition (including Music Education and Pedagogy)

Composition applicants should submit three recently completed original compositions (via Dropbox or posted written folio). The compositions should be for different instruments or ensembles and should demonstrate creative ability and musicianship. A letter of verification (preferably from a teacher) should also be enclosed stating that the compositions are the applicant's own work.

Sonic Arts (including Music Education and Pedagogy)

Applicants should submit a collection of works (via Dropbox or posted CD/DVD) that will include original compositions and/or recorded or produced songs and/ or instrumental performance. The folio should demonstrate musicianship and technical ability in music technology.

Popular Music and Creative Technologies

Applicants should submit a recording (via Dropbox or posted DVD) of three original works composed in a pop/rock style. Normally, the applicant should be playing/ singing on the recording. A letter of verification (preferably from a teacher) should also be enclosed stating that the recordings are the applicant's own work. Applicants should also submit a CV of relevant experience in the pop/rock style.

Audition Requirements - Postgraduate Coursework Programs

Applicants for the Graduate Diploma and Masters coursework programs must submit a high-quality video recording that address the criteria relevant to the instrument of the applicant.

Audition video recordings can be submitted via DVD or via an online file-sharing service such as DropBox or YouTube. Recordings should be no older than 12 months from the date of submission, and must include:

  • Applicant's full name and SATAC application/reference number;
  • The applicant's choice of program and instrument/area, e.g. Master of Music (Performance Studies) - Classical Piano
  • A complete list of repertoire presented in the audition recording (i.e. full composer and work details);
  • A letter of verification (preferably from a teacher) stating that the recording is a true representation of the applicant's performance;
  • A list of repertoire studied in the past two years.

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