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International Auditions

Auditions will be held in the following offshore locations in 2017:

  • Beijing: Saturday 22 April -  Dulwich International College

If you would like more information about these auditions, or to register your intention to participate in an offshore audition, please email

Auditioning for a Music Program

Undergraduate Programs

Music Performance – Classical / Jazz (including Music Education and Pedagogy)
Applicants should play/sing three pieces of different musical styles and/or by different composers. It should be 10-15 minutes in duration. The audition will be assessed for musical achievement and potential for study.

Applicants are also requested to supply a list of pieces studied over the past two years.

Music Composition (including Music Education and Pedagogy)
Composition applicants should preset three recently completed original compositions. The compositions should be for different instruments or ensembles and should demonstrate creative ability and musicianship.

Sonic Arts (including Music Education and Pedagogy)
Applicants should present a collection of works (on a CD/DVD) that include original compositions and/or recorded or produced songs and/or instrumental performance. The folio should demonstrate musicianship and technical ability in music technology.

Popular Music and Creative Technologies
Applicants should present three original works composed in a pop/rock style. Applicants should also submit a CV of relevant experience in the pop/rock style.

Postgraduate Coursework Programs

All Postgraduate Coursework applicants are required to audition for a Graduate Diploma level program in the first instance. Auditions are 25 minutes in duration. Applicants must meet the criteria for their instrument/voice.

Applicants are also requested to supply a list of pieces studied over the past two years.

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