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Applying for Postgraduate Research Programs

This page outlines the process for applying for Elder Conservatorium postgraduate research programs.

Applicants for Elder Conservatorium postgraduate coursework programs should visit our Apply for Coursework webpage.

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  • Application process

    Application form

    Applications for domestic and international applicants are made online through the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

    Research proposal

    Applicants must also submit a Research Proposal using the Adelaide Graduate Centre template.

    Applicants should read the Guide to Writing Your Research Proposal before completing their Research Proposal and submitting it to the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

    Additional/supporting materials

    Applicants should provide the following additional materials:

    • Details of research training: What research training have you already had and what further training might you require? Please provide evidence of previous research experience, e.g. Masters or Honours level research paper.
    • Performance evidence: Please provide evidence of performance skills, if relevant (e.g. CD recording).

    Any additional materials must be submitted to:

    Head of Postgraduate Programs, Elder Conservatorium of Music
    Level 2 Schulz Building, The University of Adelaide, SA 5005

    Applicants must also email the Head of Postgraduate Programs to advise that these materials have been sent.

  • Selection


    Applications for admission are considered by the School's Selection Committee. Members of the Committee include:

    • Associate Professor Kimi Coaldrake (Head, Postgraduate Programs - Convenor)
    • Professor Charles Bodman Rae
    • Professor Mark Carroll
    • Professor Graeme Koehne

    Selection criteria

    The following criteria are used by the Postgraduate Selection Committee in their deliberations:

    • General: Academic record; Specialist area record e.g. audition material or portfolio; Other specialist activities
    • Research proposal: Research proposal question and outcomes; Research experience
    • Supervisor availability: Principal; Co-Supervisor
    • Resources: Specialist equipment; Tuition (1:1)
    • Special circumstances, e.g. Honours equivalence

    Assessment criteria for Research Proposal

    Applications that meet the following critera are acceptable for an offer:

    • Shows clear, valid research question and process in terms of intellectual conception and practical application to submission outcome e.g. repertoire performance; folio of compositions or standard thesis.
    • Demonstrates an engagement with existing commentaries of the discipline.
    • Demonstrates good writing skills.
    • Has the potential to make original contribution if PhD, or contribution to discipline if Masters.
    • Is achievable within three years (fulltime) for PhD, or 18 months for Masters.
    • The proposal matches the skill set of academic and specialist areas.
  • Offers and Enrolment

    The Adelaide Graduate Centre administers offers and enrolments for domestic students.

    The International Office administers offers and enrolments for international students.

    Supervisors are allocated by the Head of Postgraduate Programs in consultation with the Selection Committee and in line with University policy.

  • Fees and Scholarships

    The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are classified as Higher Degree by Research (HDR) under the Research Training Scheme (RTS). Domestic students, if accepted, have fees covered by the RTS. There are no other upfront tuition fees. International applicants must pay full international tuition fees, and should check current fees with the University International Office.

    The M.Phil. and PhD fall under the Research Training Scheme. Australian citizens wishing to study full-time are eligible to apply for scholarships funded under the Australian Postgraduate Award and other University scholarships which provide a tax exempt living stipend. Applications are available from the Adelaide Graduate Centre. International students applications are automatically considered for a scholarship. One application can be used to apply for both admission and scholarships. This applies to domestic or international students.

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