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Workshops and masterclasses for the Open Music Academy in 2018.

  • Masterclasses

    Date Masterclass
    Wednesday 4 April James Ehnes
    Violin Masterclass
    Saturday 2 June Elizabeth Layton
    Strings Workshop/Masterclass
    In this session the internationally acclaimed violinist Elizabeth Layton, Head of Strings at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, will share her advice for how string students can perfect essential skills of technique and musicianship. She will give advice relating to tone production, bow control, intonation and vibrato, allowing string players of all levels to explore new aspects to their technical and musical development. Regional students are invited to come and join Open Music Academy students in these sessions.
    Saturday 25 August Goetz Richter
    Strings Workshop/Masterclass

    Saturday 15 September Konstantin Shamray
    Piano Workshop/Masterclass

    Saturday 10 November Dr Luke Dollman
    Audition Preparation Masterclass for intermediate and advanced OMA students

  • Creative Workshops

    Date Event
    Saturday 7 April Creative Workshop - Julian Ferraretto
    In these sessions all Open Music Academy students come together to create new music in an informal and fun environment, guided by highly experienced animateur, workshop leader and performer, Julian Ferraretto. Through these sessions students will develop their natural creativity and establish ensemble skills. Students should bring their instruments and percussion instruments will also be provided. The sessions are designed to accommodate all levels of experience.
    Saturday 12 May Creative Workshop - Julian Ferraretto
    Saturday 4 August Creative Workshop - Julian Ferraretto
    Saturday 24 November Creative Workshop - Julian Ferraretto
  • Ensembles
    Date Event
    Saturday 19 May

    Junior String Ensemble Workshop
    In this group the junior string students in the Open Music Academy are invited to come together in regular ensemble sessions, in which they will learn the fundamentals of string ensemble playing. There will be a focus on key string skills such as intonation, bow strokes and tone production as well as general musicianship skills such as aural awareness, rhythmic precision and communication in a group. This ensemble session will help all students to develop their skills to the next level in a fun, supportive environment.

    Choir Workshop
    In these sessions, all Open Music Academy students are invited to join together in a choir, led by highly experienced vocal teacher Bethany Hill. Singing is a crucial foundation skill for all musicians- it develops aural awareness, listening skills, security of intonation and a sense of phrasing. Through these sessions all students will develop a new level of confidence and positivity in their singing skills, as well as improving their general musicianship and ensemble skills.

    Saturday 2 June Junior String Ensemble Workshop and Choir Workshop
    Saturday 16 June Junior String Ensemble Workshop and Choir Workshop
    Saturday 30 June Informal Performance Session
    Students are invited to come and play at this Informal Performance Session, gaining feedback from Open Music Academy staff members and extra performance experience leading up to the Mid-Year Performance. Students are welcome to listen to each other’s performances in this session, in order to provide a supportive audience and share in each other’s learning.
    Saturday 28 July Junior String Ensemble Workshop and Choir Workshop
    Saturday 11 August Junior String Ensemble Workshop and Informal Performance Session
    Saturday 8 September Junior String Ensemble Workshop and Choir Workshop
    Saturday 22 September Music and Movement for junior/beginner OMA students and
    Rhythm Training for intermediate/advanced OMA students
    Saturday 20 October Group workshops TBC
    Saturday 27 October Group workshops TBC
    Saturday 3 November Group workshops TBC
    Saturday 17 November Group workshops TBC
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