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Creative Practice

There are few Research Centres dedicated to creative practice. We aim to bring together practitioners and researchers through multi-disciplinary projects to forge new partnerships in the exploration of creativity.

The literary, musical and visual arts industries continue to enjoy global growth. Our research investigates the creative process, and how creative processes impact on resultant works of art. In exploring the nature of creative collaborations, our research provides analysis regarding:

  • Narrative practice: how a literary programme/story is shaped by cross-disciplinary creative processes
  • Theories of creativity: including how melancholy feeds inspiration; the relationship between music and text; creativity and collaboration
  • Compositional processes in creative writing and music
  • Performance and literary pedagogy
  • Interactive digital technologies and their impact on narrative and musical structures

Key Researchers

Assoc Prof Mark Carroll, Prof Brian Castro, Assoc Prof Carl Crossin, Dr Eva Hornung,
Ms Jill Jones, Prof Nick Jose, Prof Graeme Koehne

Key Clients/Partners

Major National Performing Arts Companies and Institutions

Elder Conservatorium of Music

Faculty of Arts



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F: +61 8 8313 4423

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